Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Best Boarding School in India with CBSE Curriculum for Boys and Girls

Raffles is Residential-cum-Day-Boarding School with world class infrastructure and facilities. At Raffles International School we believe in satisfying the needs of eager young minds. For this we have designed our approach to expose our students to a variety of subjects from an early age, with the promise that the knowledge imparted is imbibed by the students.
Our systems perspective will include our focus on strategic directions and on our students and stakeholders. It means that we will monitor, respond to, and manage performance based on our school’s performance results. Our systems perspective also includes using our measures, indicators, and organizational knowledge to build our key strategies. It means linking these strategies with our key processes and aligning our resources to improve overall performance and satisfy students and stakeholders. Thus, the systems perspective means managing our whole organization, as well as its components, to achieve success.

Moving into class 9th in the senior school entails a longer working day, and more organized study time for students, who, at this stage, are expected to become more independent in their learning; however, a close and supportive relationship continues to exist between students and teachers. To ensure continuity between teachers and students, teachers take students up from class 8th to class 9th in many subjects.

Raffles International School is affiliated with CBSE board. The academic curriculum is balanced by arts and crafts, dramatics, sports and participation in a variety of clubs ranging from journalism to chess. Participation in other work of the center such as afforestation, rural health, and rural education is also encouraged and organized. Students are also encouraged to research topics of their interest and present these at morning assemblies. Assemblies, student-council meetings and specially convened staff-student meetings are forums where discussion and debate over issues of concern in the school community or in the world are encouraged. Culture classes – intended to extend intellectual and emotional horizons of the students – remain an integral part of the timetable, right until class 12th.

Raffles International School
India Campus
NH-8, Sotanala, Behror – 301701, Rajasthan, India
Contact No: +91-1494-667777
Mobile: +91-9529678003, 7300085599
Website: www.rafflesindia.com
Email: admissions@rafflesis.edu.in

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