Sunday, October 2, 2016


Parent Handout 

While raising your child, as a parent, you tend to follow many different tips and tricks to manage your child’s behaviour, but, sometimes being strict may seem like the only feasible option. However, it is actually with a little affection and a lot patience that you can make your child more obedient and respectful. Become your child’s best friend right from the early years, has a deep and long term positive impact on your relationship and makes parenting easier for you.

A few tips to become your child’s best friend!

Ø Refrain from scolding your child too often: Be it bad behaviour with a classmate or poor academic performance in school. A child can quite easily share his/her feelings with a person who they know will never scold them and will support them. Make your child realise his/her mistake by talking to them and calmly explain them with examples, what wrong was done. Avoid scolding the child as much as possible. 

Ø Talk to your child about your experiences: Two people who have common interests or share their experiences with each other, become friends almost instantly. If your child feels a little hesitant about sharing something with you, take the first step and tell them about what you felt when you had a bad score in the math test or when you made a mistake as a child. This will help you two to get along, effortlessly.

Ø Make your child feel comfortable to express: Create a positive environment in your home in which your child feels comfortable while talking about her fears or worries. Encourage them to share their day at school and the things that they liked and those that they didn’t. Reassure them that you are always with them for any help, guidance and support they need.

Ø Spend quality time with your child: Dedicate a day to your child, spend some great moments together.

In the end, remember that besides being your child’s best friend, you are also your child’s mentor and guide.

Happy Parenting!

Rajeshree Shihag
Vice Principal’s

Raffles International School
India Campus, Behror
Delhi Jaipur Highway

India, 301701

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