Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Raffles International School Weekly Activities and Events

The week has been the week of activities which hone the mortar- kinesthetic abilities of the students’ keeping in balance the other intelligence's have enough room for their growth. Even if the monkey cannot swim and the fish cannot climb a tree, they can at least participate and be able to appreciate the beauty of other abilities.

All study (work) and no play makes jack a dull boy, is often true with many of our students, so the school participated in some of the best kinesthetically oriented activities: Master Manish Bhaduri of Class 12 participated in the State Level Shot Putt Competition at Salor and secured 7th position in the State adding one more kinesthetic feather to adorn the cap of the school. 

Within the school several kinds of activities related to FA–3 were conducted for the enhancement of the students’ intellectual and emotional abilities. The inter house Quiz contest was conducted on Saturday, 22nd October, 2016. The preparation for class wise science exhibition has started. There was a farewell party hosted by the outgoing principal on Saturday, 22nd October, 2016. It was attended by all the teachers of the school. It was a saddening experience yet joyous as he told us that Bharatpur is not too far away from Raffles International School, Behror.

The many senior teachers of the school participated in the Cross Country Race on Sunday, 23rd October, 2016. It was interesting and fun. 

The main event of the week that snatch the practically all the attention of the week was Principal’s Conclave on Sunday, 23rd 2016. About 25 principals of different colleges and schools of the state participated in it. It started with welcoming of the guests principal. The first speaker of the Principal's Conclave was our honorable Principal of the school Mr. Bhanu Pratap Pant who threw his knowledge and light on the usefulness of Multiple Intelligence for school children in teaching them and evaluating their performance. It was an eye opening to our inner abilities. It was followed by other principals of the school who too spoke on overall development of the students with different kinds of activities.

Other teachers too expressed their opinion on their respective subjects. The final part of the Conclave was the “ONE ACT PLAY–THE TEST” based on the same theme: Multiple Intelligence. It was a great performance staged by the students of classes VII, VIII and IX. It created an ambience of ancient kingdom of England where the old king had to choose the most suitable successor to his throne. It was appreciated by everyone. It concluded with a delicious and sumptuous lunch for the guests and the rest.  May the Rafflite Weekly Leaflet be always your guide and informer for your child’s education.   Shanti… Shanti…. Shanti…

(Gustafi Maf for the interrupted flow of the News to the reader).

Raffles International School
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