Tuesday, October 25, 2016

MAMMCARE Breast Cancer Awareness Marathon

Sotanala, Behror, 24th October, 2016 (BM1): 

The Rafflite International School and University realizing their social responsibility for the needy of the society, who may not be able to afford to treat their certain diseases like cancers of different sorts that threaten human life, took part in MAMMCARE Breast Cancer Awareness Marathon, organized by Sita Devi Hospital and Yamaha, co-sponsored by Raffles International School and Raffles University, at 6 am on 23rd October,2016 at Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur.

There were three categories of events: 3km, 5km and 10 km marathon race. For all the three events starting point was at Albert Hall museum but the finishing points were different locations. The 3 km marathon race concluded at MNIT College, and 5 km at Vidhan Sabha while 10 km marathon race culminated at JDA circle.  It was a great delight to witness 3500 magnanimous hearts and souls to participate in the race for the noble cause of cancer free treatment. And it was still more joyous to see the Chief Guest of the event Dr. Justice Meena V Gomber to flag the event.

The event catapulted into lime light by the philanthropic attitude of some noble souls, came to its finish by ISKCON Radhe Krishna" session when all the participants exulted in dancing and singing classic, modern and pop songs of the time. A team from Pune added new life to the event with their different sessions of Zumba and stretching.

Our participants had an opportunity for cordial interactions with to people from different states, colour, culture and creed but with similar interests. The star performers of our school for the marathon race were Harsh of class XI, Tarun, Sachin of class XII and Aman Singh IX.

The purpose of this event was to educate women to get their regular mammogram to facilitate an early detection of Breast Cancer. The hospital is offering free mammogram to all women as it is the Month observed as Breast Cancer Awareness month.

By Boniface Mundu

Edited by Boniface Mundu

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