Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rafflites Educational Trip to Pilani – Birla Museum

Sotanala, Behror, 13th October, 2016: The Rafflites went on an educational trip to Pilani – Birla museum. It was a one day educational trip for students of grades VI to XII. The trip consisted of a visit to the well known Birla Science Museum, Panchvati and Shiva Temple at Pilani.

Almost hundred students started this educational trip from the school campus at 6:30 am. After a four hour journey engulfed with fun and frolic the students reached the famous Birla Science Museum. This museum is a complete world in itself. It helps decipher complex as well as simple mysteries of this universe. It explains everything ranging from Big Bang to Apollo, coal mines to car factories, Pillar of Delhi to Palkis, DNA structure to Pythagoras theorem law of conversation of momentum to Pendulum motion even human body to a robot named Jagruk Insaan’. Then they visited Birla Memorial and realized how big Birla Business Empire is. There they witnessed at the gallery the life of Mr. Aditya Birla. It has various things which were controlled by sensors. The gallery also had a letter written by him in a frame hung on the wall. It was truly a treat to read. It stated that the cause of his death was cancer.

After a group of photograph they visited Panchvati and lunch hundreds of photographs in the premises were taken. As a follow-up they visited Shiva Temple and finally receiving the blessings of Lord Shiva, they returned at 8:30 pm to the school.

Positive feedback was given by all the students even one of the students said, “It was the best educational trip I ever had.”

By Janavi Yadav

Edited by Boniface Mundu

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