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Raffles International School India Campus
Raffles International School India Campus

It’s been four years now that I joined this school. Ever since I have gained so much in terms of knowledge, friendship, moral values and guidance. The faculty at my school has the best exposure and guides us in their respective subjects. They are not only our mentors but they treat us like their own children. This is the first time I have studied in a boarding school. I was never keen on the idea of studying in a boarding school as I had heard how harsh and badly the students in a boarding school are treated. I had also heard about seniors ragging the juniors but all that was just a myth, because in the last 4 years neither did I experience any of such incidences nor have I been a party to it though I am in the senior most class and School Sports Captain of  the school.

The school has the infrastructure in sports one of its rare kind. My school hosts more than 20 sports in its lush green 26 Acres campus. Swimming, Horse Riding, Tennis, Squash are a few games I have excelled in. My sports teacher Mr. Vishal Pratap has great experience in his field. He treats us like his own kid. I would like to mention an incident of yesterday: when we went for cross country racing for 12 kms as he is training us for an upcoming marathon event in Jaipur.  Not just him our sports department has trainers with great experience and background. We have a sports curriculum designed where we are trained in endurance, strength, skills, speed and agility.

These are the reasons why I love my school. I wish I could be tiny tot again and live my life at Raffles India from my early years as a toddler. But unfortunately I am in Grade 12.  I will be leaving my school soon. Therefore all I can say is “Thank You” for all that this school has given me.  My school is the Best Boarding School in Rajasthan (Delhi-Jaipur Highway).

Raffles International Sports Team
Tarun Kanwar first from left side

By- Tarun Kanwar 
Sports Captain 
Raffles International School 
Delhi Jaipur Highway, 
Sotanala, Behror, India                                                                                                         

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